Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mmmmm, yummy! HQN Paranormal Romances...

Helen Hall Library owns these titles in the HQN Paranormal Romance series:

Lord of Legends
Krinard, Susan.
He is Arion, King of the Unicorns. Powerful and seductive, he could possess any female he desires--until he is condemned to life as a human. Only the innocence of the enchanting Lady Mariah Donnington can release him from his curse.

Come the Night
Krinard, Susan.
The Great War has ended, and Gillian Maitland is to marry a werewolf of her father's choosing—ensuring the purity of their noble bloodline. Still, she can't forget Ross Kavanaugh, the American whose forbidden touch unleashed a passion she'd never known. And when Ross returns unexpectedly to England, he's no longer the man she remembers, but a hard-boiled ex-cop who harbors a dark secret.

Chasing Midnight
Krinard, Susan.
By day, Allie Chase lives among the artists and eccentrics of 1920's Greenwich Village, in search of adventure. By night, she haunts the city's back alleys and seedy speakeasies, driven by a more primal hunger.
Here, amid the glitz and unrestrained morals of jazz-age society, even a vampire can fall prey to the temptations of the flesh. One look into the golden eyes of the dashing Griffin Durant, and Allegra knows she's not dealing with just a man....

Dark Rival
Joyce, Brenda.
A Highland warrior sworn to protect innocence through the ages, Black Royce is a battle hardened soldier of the gods. Then he is sent to New York City to protect a healer from those who would use her powers for themselves.

My Favorite Earthling
Grant, Susan
Keira, warrior-queen of the galaxy, is as famous for her beauty as she is for avoiding marriage. But when an upstart little planet called Earth threatens her world with its fleet of spaceships, the fate of her people lies in her hands. She must bind herself to a barbarian from the rogue world...or face the destruction of her own!

Dark Seduction
Joyce, Brenda.
Malcolm of Dunroch has been chosen by the secret Brotherhood, a nameless society of pagan knights sworn to defend mankind. He is a novice to his extraordinary—and dangerous--powers. But he has already broken his vows--for an innocent woman’s death is on his hands. Malcolm is determined to fight his dark sexuality, denying himself all pleasure…until fate sends him another Innocent, the beautiful bookseller, Claire Camden.

Playing With Fire: Tales of an Extraordinary Girl
Showalter, Gena.
Average, ordinary Belle Jamison becomes the guinea pig for an experimental formula that allows her to control the elements, which should be cool but really isn't. Because sexy, cool government agent Rome Matthews has been ordered to hunt Belle down and neutralize her.

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Good job. You even included an alien romance.