Thursday, January 29, 2009

If You Liked Erin Hunter’s Warriors Series….

Adams, Richard. Watership Down F ADAMS
Plague Dogs
Appelt, Kathi . The Underneath J-F APPELT
Avi. Poppy series, The good dog J-F AVI
Bakker, Robert. Raptor Red F BAKKER
Beagle, Peter S. The last unicorn SF BEAGLE
Bell, Clare. Ratha's creature (and series) YA-F BELL
Clement-Davies, David. Fire Bringer, The Sight YA-F CLEMENT-DAVIES
Graham, Kenneth. The Wind in the Willows J-F GRAHAME
Hobbs, Valerie. Sheep J-F HOBBS
Hoeye, Michael. Time Stops for No Mouse J-F HOEYE
Jacques, Brian. Redwall J-F JACQUES
Jarvis, Robin. The Deptford Histories YA-F JARVIS
The Hagwood trilogy
Koertge, Ron. Strays YA-F KOERTGE
Koja, Kathe. Straydog YA-F KOJA
Lasky, Kathryn. Guardians of Ga'Hoole YA-F LASKY
Lowry, Lois. Stay: Keeper's story J-F LOWRY
Martin, Ann. A dog's life J-F MARTIN
Oppel, Kenneth. Silverwing J-F OPPEL
Orwell, George. Animal Farm F ORWELL
Paver, Michelle. Chronicles of Ancient Darkness YA-F PAVER
Pierce, Meredith Ann. Firebringer trilogy YA-F PIERCE
Said, S.F. Varjak Paw J-F SAID
The outlaw Varjak Paw
Sewell, Anna. Black Beauty J-F SEWELL
Stein, Garth. The art of racing in the rain F STEIN
Vaughan, Brian K. Pride of Baghdad YAGN VAUGHAN
Williams, Tad. Tailchaser's song YA-F WILLIAMS