Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Stories for Children



E ACC Friendship’s First Thanksgiving (Accorsi)

E AND Over the River: A Turkey’s Tale (Anderson)

E AND Thank You, Sarah (Anderson)

E AND Turkey Pox (Anderson)

E ATW Thanksgiving Door (Atwell)

E AUC Beauty and the Beaks (Auch)

E BAL Sometimes It’s Turkey, Sometimes It’s Feathers (Balian)

E BAT Gus, the Pilgrim Turkey (Bateman)

E BER Berenstain Bears & the Prize Pumpkin (Berenstain)

E BIL Turkey Bowl (Bildner)

E BOE Firefighters’ Thanksgiving (Boelts)

E BRA Best Thanksgiving Day (Braybrooks)

E BRI Clifford’s Thanksgiving Visit (Bridwell)

E BRO Arthur’s Thanksgiving (Brown)

E BRU Squanto’s Thanksgiving (Bruchac)

E BUN Turkey for Thanksgiving (Bunting)

E CAP Happy Thanksgiving, Biscuit! (Capucilli)

E CAR Visit to Grandma’s (Carlson)

E COW Gracias, the Thanksgiving Turkey (Cowley)

E COX One Is a Feast for a Mouse (Cox)

E DEV Cranberry Thanksgiving (Devlin)

E FRI Thanksgiving Rules (Friedman)

E GAN Rotten Ralph’s Thanksgiving Wish (Gantos)

E GIB Thanksgiving Is... (Gibbons)

E HAR Three Young Pilgrims (Harness)

E HER Memory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story (Herman)

E JAC I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie (Jackson)

E JUL Duck for Turkey Day (Jules)

E KRO Thanksgiving Bowl (Kroll)

E LAK Fat Chance Thanksgiving (Lakin)

E LIS Blue’s Thanksgiving Feast (Lissy)

E MAY Run, Turkey, Run! (Mayr)

E MCC Outlaw Thanksgiving (McCully)

E PIL ‘Twas the Night before Thanksgiving (Pilkey)

E RAE Rivka’s First Thanksgiving (Rael)

E ROB Thanksgiving Mice! (Roberts)

E SCH Thanksgiving (Schuh)

E SHA One Terrific Thanksgiving (Sharmat)

E SIL Turkey Trouble (Silvano)

E SPI Perfect Thanksgiving (Spinelli)

E SPI Thanksgiving at the Tappletons (Spinelli)

E STA Thanksgiving on Plymouth Plantation (Stanley)

E STE Fried Feathers for Thanksgiving (Stevenson)

E STO Thanksgiving Treat (Stock)

E SUL Ankle Soup (Sullivan)

E TAL Disney’s Winnie the Pooh’s Thanksgiving (Talkington)

E TAN Tasty Thanksgiving Feast (Tanner)

E TRY Albert's Thanksgiving (Tryon)

E WAT Thanksgiving at Our House (Watson)

E WIL Dora’s Thanksgiving (Wilson)

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