Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Greatest Knight, by Elizabeth Chadwick

This is one of our Historical Fiction Online Book Club selections, so if you have read it, you get 20 "Bake Sale Bucks"! The Online Book Club Bake Sale will be December 11 and Online Book Club points the only method of payment for all of those delicious home-baked treats!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and might very well read the second one, although it is said to have less action. William Marshal is a fascinating character, and from what I can tell by googling him, Ms. Chadwick has very high standards of historical accuracy for her books.

Something else I learned from googling: William Marshal was played by William hurt in the Ridley Scott Robin Hood movie (with Russell Crowe). Now I want to see that movie!

What did everybody else think? Each of your comments is worth 5 Bake Sale Bucks!

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