Thursday, March 19, 2009

Any Dancing with the Stars fans out there?

I admit it--I'm completely addicted to this show...AND to dancing!!

Are you one of those people who have dreamed of gliding across the dance floor? And then you checked out the price of dance lessons and screamed, "Yikes!" If so, the library is the place for you! We have books, videos, and DVDs that can teach you how to ballroom dance, and we even have ballroom and big band music you can dance to! Here are just a few examples:

Ballroom Dancing (793.33 M821b10)
Ballroom Dancing : The Romance, Rhythm, and Style (OVERS 793.33 R462b)

Ballroom Dancing Basics (DVDE 793.33 B193 2004)
Ballroom Dancing. Intermediate (DVDE 793.33 B1932 2007)
Ballroom Dancing. Advanced (DVDE 793.33 B1931 2007)
Mad Hot Ballroom (DVDE 793.33 M1781 2005)
Strictly Ballroom (DVDE 793.33 S9176 2005)

Plus many others, including country dancing, party dancing, social dancing, latin dancing, and more!

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