Monday, February 16, 2009

A Bunch of New Chick Lit Series in Teen

I love the Gossip Girls, Clique, Private, It Girl, and A-list series, so I was very excited to find, when i was browsing for new books to order back in December, that a lot more authors are coming out with similar series. I added ALL of them! What I like about these newer series is that they are much more diverse- there are several Christian-themed series and several African American-centered series (and two that are Christian AND African-American and one that is Christian AND Hispanic-American!). Check'em out (literally!)

(All titles listed below can be found in the Teen section of Helen Hall Library (call numer YA-F) alphabetized by author.)

Bard Academy Series by Lockwood, Cara
Vol. 1: Wuthering High
Miranda is shipped off to Bard Academy, a boarding school, to learn how to behave, but when she begins having nightmares and the other students' lives begin to mirror the tragic classics they're reading, Miranda begins to suspect the school is haunted by famous authors who committed suicide.

The Ashleys Series by De La Cruz, Melissa
Vol. 1: The Ashleys
Lauren Page, having changed her style from discount bargain clothes to couture fashions, decides to infiltrate the most popular group of girls at Miss Gamble's Preparatory School for Girls and get revenge for how they have treated her.

The Celebutantes Series by Pagliarulo, Antonio
Vol. 1: On the Avenue
When fabulously wealthy sixteen-year-old triplets Lexington, Park, and Madison Hamilton appear to be involved in the murder of a powerful magazine editor, they decide to do some investigating of their own before the police and paparazzi completely ruin their lives.

The Good Girlz Novels (Christian Fiction) by Billingsley, ReShonda Tate
Vol. 1: Nothing But Drama
Four girls from different backgrounds--one with a police record, one with a frightening secret, one with a tough exterior, and one from high society--meet at a church youth group and learn firsthand the value of honoring their parents.

Drama High Series by Divine, L.
Vol. 1: The Fight
Having broken up with her boyfriend and his player ways, sixteen-year-old Jayd is ready for a fresh start and a new school year at South Bay High, a.k.a. Drama High, but life is not that easy at her Los Angeles high school.

The Clique Summer Collection by Harrison, Lisi
(No particular series order) Sample description from volume: Massie
Back in Orlando for the summer, twelve-year-old Claire has difficulty connecting with her former best friends and decides to prove her loyalty by helping them prepare for the Kissimmee's teen beauty pageant, but when Massie shows up with aims to win the crown, Claire finds herself torn.

The Summer Boys Novels by Abbott, Hailey
Vol. 2: Next Summer
On vacation again together, three cousins share their family's beach house and find a whole new selection of boys-- and the problems that go along with dating them.

The Principles of Love Series by Franklin, Emily
Vol. 1: Love From London
Love Bukowski is living the life of her dreams in London, where she parties with the hottest rock stars, legendary royals, and all-time bad boys while attending the London Academy of Drama and Music with her best friend, Arabella, but when the life of her dreams takes a turn for the worse, Love must decide whether to follow her heart or her head.

Chalet Girls Series by Franklin, Emily
Vol. 1: Balancing Acts
Three teenaged girls try to prevent their secrets from interfering with their love lives and their goals as they work at Les Trois, an exclusive Alpine ski resort, over the winter.

The All About Us Novels (Christian Fiction) by Adina, Shelley
Vol. 1: Be Strong and Curvaceous
Carly, a Mexican American scholarship student at exclusive Spencer Academy in San Francisco, hides her status from her wealthy school friends until her new roommate, a Scottish aristocrat, is threatened by an angry young man and needs Carly's--and God's--help.

The Beta Gamma Pi Novels (Christian Fiction) by Moore, Stephanie Perry
Vol. 1: Work What You Got
Hayden, who starts her sophomore year at college, pledges to Beta Gamma Pi and participates in dangerous hazing events while dealing with challenges to her Christian faith and questioning her relationship with Creed, the campus hunk.

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